Hi, this is Xinran’s creative process journal for the class unravel the code. I will be sharing my research for the project and works in process here, as a record of how the project coming out till the end. The response to readings and workshops happened in the class will be posted here too.

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Why Unravel the Code?

The introduction of the class is exciting, isn’t it? Learning new softwares and get exposed to unfamiliar areas has been intimidating for me. But since last semester, when I changed my major to graphic design, I’ve had to learn new softwares and apply them to the design practice. They are not as inconceivable as I thought, and that got me the courage to try even more things to satisfy my imagination in design.

Last semester I was lucky to do my favorite project in MICA, called imaginary restaurant. We were encouraged to imagine wildly about the future and create an experience beyond just branding. It was from this project that I learned about speculative design and how technology, such as 3d printing, coding and modeling can reinforce the storytelling of a concept, and even pave the way for braver ideas. Since I want to try something out of my comfort zone for my thesis, I think unravel the code is a nice chance to try different direction, and see how these attempts will finally shape my thesis.